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Makeup Girl

 New EP Living Safe available  everywhere!

New EP Living Safe available everywhere!

Living Safe

On our next EP "Living Safe" we are really bringing the heat. After adding our newest member, Johnny Leander, we set out to write our most involved set of songs to date. Flush with diverse instrumentation that creates a very atmospheric sound, "Living Safe" grabs listeners and pulls them into a world of its own; showing where nature and balance collide with industry and tension, shedding light on the contradictory nature of the universe that makes it so beautiful - or something like that.

Although a breed of its own, we tried to follow the Makeup Girl Way for this EP; let each song embrace its own style without worrying about genre or labels. Unlike our last two EPs however, all of the songs for "Living Safe" were written together as one unit, giving this release a much more cohesive sound.

Check out "Living Safe" available everywhere ;)

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In Time”

Releasing December 21st.

Our next EP “In Time” is truly something new for us. We tried to make a jammed packed genre smashing EP that would be extremely fluid yet still cohesive and hooky..and I think we did it :)

Check out “In Time” out on all streaming platforms December 21st.

Living Safe Tapes!!


This is our first ever official physical release :) really happy with these! Still available on our bandcamp - edition of 50

New Music Video! Check out our video for "Living Safe" directed by Vincent Jaugan.


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